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Minal Karanwal
AIR 35
Civil Services Examination 2018

I am Minal Karanwal,AIR-35 in CSE 2018. I was a student of NextIAS IGP Programme. In the one mock that I gave, the board was the nearest expression of the actual interview. A wide variety of questions and a genuine feedback on the skills I have and should develop-helped me prepare well for the interview."

Ankur Kaushik
AIR 37
Civil Services Examination 2018

I was a part of interview Guidance Programme 2018 at Next IAS. The experience at Next IAS, Helped me in my preparation of personality Test. Group mock Interviews that I attended under Shailendra Handa Sir was innovative and something that i felt helped me. Sitting on other side as audience helped gauge the demeanor required for scoring high in interviews. I would certainly recommend NEXTIAS for your preparation. Also, the booklets of current affairs, and in my case Computer Science related questions proved beneficial."

Vishal Sah
AIR 63
Civil Services Examination 2018

what I like about Next IAS - The current affairs magazines. The diagrams are well illustrated & helps in reuslling easily. TIPS :- Prelims I Freeze a set of booklist from previous year interview. ii Revise in last few days Mains - i making complete notes - right from introduction to conclusion so that its pretty easy to produce in paper. ii Add diagrams/ visuals / maps to get extra marks. Interview i Speaking in mirror ii doing group discussions / interview with friends. iii Running to keep you fit and sharp."

Mayank Mittal
AIR 105
Civil Services Examination 2018

I had taken the Civil Services Foundation batch from NEXT IAS. Coincidently, it was the first foundation batch of NEXT IAS as well as it was my first attempt. This guidance has helped me a lot in all the stages of examination. Ranging from classroom program to test series and interview guidance, the institute is providing an appropriate platform to build upon. Further, it requires hard work, time management and a guiding push from 3Fs (Friends, family and faculty) to cross the ocean of CSE. With all this, I recommend aspirants to join the institute and clear civil services with top ranks.

AIR 306
Civil Services Examination 2018

My name is UTKARSHA. I got 306 Rank in CSE, 2018. I also cleared IFoS 2018 with AIR-14. I joined NEXT IAS Interview guidance programme which helped in preparing for the interview like current affairs, home state and work profile. I was also a student of MADE EASY Engineering Services test series which helped in preparing for Mechanical Engineering optional.

Deepak Kumar Mishra
AIR 511
Civil Services Examination 2018

I am Deepak Kumar Mishra, AIR-511 in CSE 2018. I was a student of NEXT IAS IGP program from last two years. My optional was Mechanical and most of it I prepared while preparing for ESE through MADE EASY Classes. I gave two mocks and the interview panel was very cordial and experienced. The previous year solved Mechanical Engineering CSE papers were quite helpful too.

AIR 717
Civil Services Examination 2018

I, Abhijeet Kumar, rank 717 in CSE-2018, took MAINS test series at NEXT IAS and I am happy to tell all the aspirants about the good work being put in at the institute. Apart from the updated material, I was grateful to access the valuable guidance and mentorship being provided at the institute. Lastly, I would like all the aspirants to be wholeheartedly push towards their goal with all the positive energy you have in yourself.

Saureesh Sahai
AIR-4, Indian
Forest Services Examination

I was part of the Interview Guidance Programme 2017/18 at NextIAS as preparation for my personality test in the Indian Forest Services Examination 2017. The experience was a great one indeed. The Engineering subject classes were a quick refresher and provided a brief overview of the entire Civil Engineering from the perspective of the Interview. The mock interview was another part of my experience here. The esteemed panelists brought a sense of authenticity and provided a nice simulation of the real Interview.The insightful reviews provided by the members of the Board helped me to identify areas on which I needed to focus to increase my chances at a good score in the Interview. Overall it was an enriching and a truly inspiring experience at NextIAS.

Sagar Kumar Jha
AIR-13, Civil Services Examination

I had attended two mock interviews at Next IAS. I found the board and the overall experience at Next IAS very close to the actual panel of UPSC Interview. I had got scores in 140s and 180s. The actual score in my UPSC interview was 167. Hence the assessment was very good. I also benefited from the classes on hobbies and home state of Next IAS.

Hari Om
AIR -15, Indian
Indian Forest

I attended interview guidance programme at NEXT IAS. Overall, It was a great learning experience. Since it was my first interview at UPSC , I really wished to get beforehand experience through mocks. The NEXT IAS team provided mocks which were quite close to my actual UPSC interview. The panelists asked diverse questions from my technical background. It helped me recognize weak areas spanning across my whole background. My UPSC interview was largely technical. The experience gained helped me tackle it in a better manner. Hope NEXT IAS team continues to provide such excellent services to student fraternity.

Sagar Jain
AIR -26, Indian
Indian Forest
Service Exam,

I joined Interview Guidance Programme at NextIAS for interview Preparation. The interview Experience was great. The panelists were from diverse background and asked question which were very relevant for Forest service as well as Civil Service interview. Apart from that, the DAF discussion, home state session and technical session for Engineering background students were also very good. I would recommend joining the IGP for holistic UPSC interview preparation....

Rishi Raj

Hi, I am Rishi Raj....AIR 27 UPSC CSE 2017...I joined the Electrical Engineering Mains Test series at Next Ias in july 2017. The test series helped me to balance my time between GS and Optional preparation. It provided both sectional and full tests ....this helped in faster revision of my electrical concepts...As a result i could dedicate more time and effort towards GS preparation. Later the Interview Guidance Program helped me to brush up the electrical concepts which have relevance in Civil Services....The presence of a technical panel member is a unique feature among all other interview guidance programs. Finally , I would thank the NEXTIAS team to come up with such a NICHE civil services guidance program catering to the Engineers.

Ankit Pannu
AIR-31, Indian
UPSC Civil

I was a part of NEXT IAS Interview guidance program 2017. The experience and Environment here were quite similar to the UPSC Interview. The panelists were very cordial and emphasis were laid on covering almost every part of the DAF. The feedback and Marking system were other unique aspects of the program which helped in analysis and self assessment. To sum it all, it was an enriching experience and helped me prepare for the UPSC interview in a comprehensive manner.

AIR-32, Indian
Ifs 2017

I was part of Next IAS test series and Interview Guidance Program and it helped me in securing 32 rank in Indian Forest Service, 2017. There engineering material and classes for interview were really helpful. Reviews in mock interview helped me in gaining confidence. I highly recommend next ias program for interview guidance.

Vasu Doegar
AIR-40, Indian
IFoS 2017

I joined Nextias Interview guidance program. The program included three mock interviews, technical DAF discussion, general DAF discussion and classes on current affairs, IR and most importantly engineering basics. The mocks were real time simulation of interview with 5 esteemed members. Most helpful were lectures on engineering subjects with the help of which I was quickly able to revise basics of electronics and communication. Another positive is that guidance, lecture videos and mocks are also available in online format.

AIR-52, Indian

I took test series and 151 Most Probable Questions Classes for my optional (Mechanical Engineering) and bought CSE/IFOS Previous Year Solved Papers. Also, I enrolled for the Interview Guidance Program at NEXTIAS: All of this served as a succor in my preparation for both CSE and IFOS. Highly Professional, quality teaching material, cordial staff, experienced faculty and excellent student care....NextIas is indeed a place to be for all the serious civil services and IfoS aspirants.

Rajesh Kumar
AIR-55, Indian
IFS Exam 2017

I was part of the Interview Guidance Programme 2017/18 at NextIAS as preparation for my personality test in the Indian Forest Services Examination 2017. It was great experience at Mock interview-Rangan Dutta Sir Board.It was helpful in my Interview Preparation.

Ravi Anand
AIR 79

I joined the Interview Guidance Program at Next IAS and found it really helpful and insightful. The mock interviews were similar to that I experienced at UPSC Dholpur House. The small things that I was doing wrong during mock interviews were highlighted and I could then improve them. I thank NEXT IAS for their support and guidance for my success in CSE-2017.

Amol Srivastava
CSE 2017

Next IAS has been of immense help in the interview Programme. Experts in this field and the panelists could simulate the UPSC interview and made us better prepared. I wish NEXT IAS will continue to help aspirants like us in coming years.

Arpit Upadhyaya
CSE 2017

It's one of the best place for interview preparation stage. The environment comes closest to UPSC one and the panel is also very experienced.

Suraj Kumar Rai
AIR-117, Indian
Civil Services Exam 2017

I enrolled for interview Guidance Program for Civil Services Examination 2017 in Next IAS. The course included general and technical DAF discussion, 3 mock interviews and handouts related to DAF and graduation subject were given. Having passed out in 2013, I was out of touch with my Graduation subject Electrical Engineering. The classes at Next IAS and short handout for optional was really helpful in preparing graduation subject and instilling the necessary confidence. The mock interview was designed such that it prepared me for actual interview and helped me calm my nervousness on D-day. DAF discussion helped me understand the variety of questions that can be generated. Booklet of probable questions was also really helpful as it helped me to get prepared for any type of question.

Anshu Kumar Srivastava
AIR-163, Indian
CSE 2017

NextIAS has helped a lot in my civil services preperation, specially my optional(mechanical engineering) preparation. The test series, current affair magazine and mock interviews were specially very helpful.

Bharat Mittal
Rank-256, CSE 2017

I joined NextIAS for interview guidance program. This program was really helpful in my final performance. Interview panel of NextIAS consisted of 5 members which simulated the actual UPSC interview conditions. Moreover, civil engineering classes held in NextIAS covered the entire syllabus in 2 days.! This boosted my confidence in civil engineering while going for the final interview.. I would like to thank NextIAS for providing such great and effective interview guidance program that helped me achieving my goal.

Sanjay Kumar Meena
Civil Services Examination 2017

I was part of NextIAS interview program this year which helped me in cracking this exam in my very first attempt. The interview guidance program was one of the best in this field as it provide the similar environment as we are going to face on the final day. Although i was not able to join test series for Electrical Engineering (my optional) but i recommend people to take test series to enhance their performance who are planning to take engineering optional or any other optional. I thank NextIAS for this success.

Shakti Avasthy
Rank 296
CSE 2017

I did my IGP (Interview Guidance Program) for UPSC CSE 2017 in Next IAS and the experience was rich. The technical DAF analysis was spot on and the questions which B Singh sir asked matched with the ones asked in final interviews. The booklet provided by Next IAS and the classes held touched almost every aspect of civil engineering in a couple of days which not just gave me the answers but also the confidence to handle any question. The mock interview having 5 panel members was unique experience and rarely found in Delhi which helped me immensely in making to the list.
Thankyou Next IAS

Abhishek Gupta
AIR-377, Indian
CSE 2017

Hello, I am Abhishek Gupta...CSE 2017 RANK 377...NEXTIAS helped me immensely in my Interview preparation stage. They provided a good simulation of actual interview process which helped me to deal with the rather turbulent nature of actual interview. The specialty here is that they have distinguished team of ex civil servants and they have complete panels of five members each. Lastly, the whole NEXTIAS team is both humble and hardworking which inspires to prepare and succeed..

Dheeraj Agrawal
AIR-423, Indian
UPSC Civil

I was part of the NextIas Interview Guidance Programme and had taken 2 Mock Interviews there. It was the best experience I have got in Mock Interviews. Next Ias interview infrastructure, Board Members and process were nearly same as experienced in Real Civil Services Interview. It really helped me to tackle the real interview.

Gaush Alam
AIR 485, CSE
AIR 206, CSE

Hello friends, I had joined Next IAS institute test series for mechanical engineering and essay for cse 2017 preparation. As this was the first time a test series for Mechanical optional was introduced, I found it very helpful useful and helped me in identifying the areas which needed improvement. Also there essay test series was very good and it helped me in improving my essay score by 20 marks this time. I will suggest aspirants especially to join Next IAS for their engineering optional preparation.

Vaibhav Kumar Gupta
AIR-499, CSE

Hi, I am Vaibhav Kumar Gupta, AIR 499 in CSE 2018. I had joined Next IAS for optional test series for electrical Engineering and Interview Guidance Program. Optional Test series - They covered syllabus comprehensively under 8 tests, both section-wise and full-length.  - I found the quality and difficulty level of questions to be at par with CSE exam papers.

AIR -893, Indian
Civil Services Exam 2017

Engineering optional for civil services exam is no more a risky venture and the credit goes to Next IAS. I joined Mains Test Series for my Civil Engg. optional and was a part of Interview Guidance Programme at Next IAS. They helped me a lot in finally seeing my name in the final merit list.