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NEXT IAS CSAT classroom Programme

NEXT IAS is launching a CSAT Module for Prelims 2020 commencing from 16th January 2020. It will be a 120+ hrs comprehensive programme along with Practice Tests.

The Meticulously designed programme aims to prepare students for the UPSC CSAT Examination 2020.

Constituents of classroom programme:

  • Comprehensive coverage of all topics.
  • 120+ hrs | 3 hrs a Day | 4 Days a Week.
  • Course Design as per UPSC requirement.
  • Comprehensive reference study Material.
  • Practice Set will be given in the class.
  • Include Full Test Series (10 Full Syllabus Test of CSAT).

Why CSAT Paper (II) can’t be taken lightly?

Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) ostensibly easy, as one just needs 67 marks out of 200 to qualify it, has been found to be a tough nut to crack. The qualifying nature of the paper has made many aspirants complacent, taking it lightly, and focusing only on Paper-I. However, this approach has resulted in aspirants failing to clear the Prelims Examination. Hence, CSAT despite being qualifying, is important in the wake of recent trends and needs to be covered diligently to ensure a place in the UPSC Main examination.

How many marks are required to ace CSAT?

Being a qualifying paper, it is important to get at least 33 % marks which are 66 out of 200. .

A cursory look at the trends in CSAT paper suggests that the difficulty level of the paper is increasing year on year.

What does CSAT paper-II include?

The CSAT comprises the following broad topics:

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